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Help Majuli Children To Study And Learn

Improve living style of people, who are affected by several health issues & poverty and unable to come out of flood situation.


Make Girls Educated To Aid Them Earn Reputed Position

Give an opportunity to girls to become educated, so that, they can stand with boys and get a self exposure worldwide.


Spread the awareness of helping people, so that they can live a normal life in the society and educate their children that everyone deserves.

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What Stake Holders SAY

  • Employee

    We never thought that we will not only have a school in our village but also help other schools and villages to develop. Thanks to Ayang Trust.

    - -
  • Student

    Our school is also opening “Ayang” and helping other schools and people. I want to study and become principal of this school. I want to help others.

    - -

Our Address:

Ayang Trust - Near Statistics & Economics Department, Garamur, Majuli, Assam- 785104, India +91-8638990636 / +91-8638380879
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