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Support Budding Scientists At Rural School

The children of this school are bright and quick to learn. Their enthusiasm for education is infectious. Now, they urgently need a basic and minimal computer lab that can further their learning and development.

Ayang Manthan Fellowship

The fellowship is designed to develop and enable local youths to be the change makers at the grassroot level in the area of education.

Job Openings At Ayang

At Ayang we are searching a facilitator for our children libraray.


  • We never thought that we will not only have a school in our village but also help other schools and villages to develop. Thanks to Ayang Trust.


    Our school is also opening “Ayang” and helping other schools and people. I want to study and become principal of this school. I want to help others.


    Collaborating with Ayang Trust has been very beneficial for our students of Gobinpur L.P. School, Majuli. Ayang's team has initiated new teaching learning methods which is helping our student develop.

    Ashim Dutta

  • We started learning from the birth and it won't ever end in our lives. Ayang Manthan Fellowship is a platform where we can learn about many new teaching skills, which are very important to develop for self. It is such a great opportunity for me to gradualy sharpen my professional skills and now I feel very happy as a Ayang's Manthan Fellow.

    (Ayang Manthan Fellow)

    Learning new thing is always fun for me and Ayang Manthan always gives a space to learn a new thing through a lively adda program which I like the most being here. The journey has started and I'm ready to explore many new things in these two years. Coming from a distant place and to be a part of AYANG vision is a great feeling for me and I hope together we will be able to contribute AYANG's vision in these coming days.

    (Ayang Manthan Fellow)

    At first I have no idea about Ayang manthan fellowship but when I joined ayang trust as a fellow I feel very excited to be a part of it.

    (Ayang Manthan Fellow)

  • At first I did not know what I am going to do at Ayang Manthan Fellowship but when I joined the fellowship then my perception was totally changed. This fellowship will help me to develop my skills and grow as a better individual. self and also helps to develop myself.

    (Ayang Manthan Fellow)

    In this journey as a fellow, I feel fortunate to be a part of it. In the beginning, I was blank about this fellowship, but as the time passed by I became a part of it. In the journey of Ayang Manthan Fellowship it me a new experience of working in various sector which will be very effective for my future professional carrier.

    (Ayang Manthan Fellow)

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Ayang Trust - Near Statistics & Economics Department, Garamur, Majuli, Assam- 785104, India +91-8638990636 / +91-8638380879
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