The fellowship: Ayang Manthan Fellowship is a two-year immersive and intensive journey for young adults to explore own aptitudes and skills, understand society and contribute in the social sector specifically in the area of rural education. The fellowship has come out of a critical lack of rural youth who are skilled and informed and have the passion and motivation to be agents of social change, especially in and around Majuli in Ayang’s context. Existing social sector fellowships often have very high bar of skills required and consequently cater to candidates from premier/urban institutions who have had social and economic privileges historically. Ayang Trust is facilitating this fellowship to enable local youth to be change makers in the area of education at the grass root level.
It will be a transformational journey through which one change maker will work closely with one government lower primary school under our ‘Whole School Transformation program’ in Majuli Island. Manthan fellow will engage in theoretical & practical understanding of education, social issues, public policy, project management, resource mobilization, community engagement throughout the process of the fellowship. After completion of the fellowship, Manthan Fellows can join and be a part of the work Ayang Trust is doing in education with more responsibilities, join other social impact initiatives, go back to their own communities to start their own initiative, pursue higher education, or carve out their own career path according to their personal vision.

Who we are looking for:

  • Persons who have completed a Bachelor’s degree or are going graduate in July, 2019.(Discipline can be any)
  • Persons under the age of 30 as of 31st January, 2020.
  • Persons who are permanent residents of Assam, preference to Majuli, Jorhat, North Lakhimpur, Shivsagar and Dhemaji District residents
  • Persons who want to work in the area of education and/or social sector
  • Persons who are open minded
  • Persons with knowledge of functional English – Ability to speak, read and understand Class 10 level English
  • Persons not looking for a job but for professional opportunities to learn
  • Persons willing to work with limited resources & facilities
  • Persons ready to take on a challenge

Our selection process:

Selection process will include online/offline submission of essay to understand our potential fellow about their understanding of self, social issue and how do they aspire to be change maker in their local community. Final selection will be completed on the basis of day long in person assessment at our office premise by June 15, 2019 in Garamur, Majuli.


    Selected fellow will receive a stipend of INR 10,000/month. (Note: INR 7,500/month in hand and INR 2,500/month will be retained without interest. The retained stipend will be credited to fellow as follows:

  • As reimbursement up to INR 10,000 for the journey with self (10 Day solo trip at the end of term 1).
  • Upon completion of fellowship remaining amount of (2,500 * 23) post solo trip reimbursement will be credited to the fellow’s account as post fellowship buffer.

For 2019-21 cohort we will work with 5 fellows.

The fellowship journey:
Manthan Fellowship is a journey of discovering and empowering self as a capable professional to work for social change, especially in education sector.

Fellows will be encouraged to develop the following competencies throughout the journey:
  • Competencies
  • Self awareness
  • Self-directed, engaged learning
  • Collaborative working
  • Reflection
  • Design Research, Planning & Implementation
  • Communication
  • Critical thinking
  • Making Connections
  • Taking on challenges

Learning journey is broken down into 4 semesters of 6 months. We will co-create and co-learn throughout the journey through a weekly planning process along with monthly and term plan. Our fellow and team will plan, act, reflect & share in weekly basis within team. Fellow will sit for 30 minutes with their mentor every day after their work to share and reflect about the day. Every Saturday team & fellow will sit together to reflect upon the past week and to make plan for next week. Each term will also be punctuated by a review retreat.
We believe in peer learning. ‘Adda’ will be a Saturday event for 1 hour where fellow and team member will talk and discuss about different social issues. ‘Adda’ will also witness expert guests coming from different background.

How the 2 years will look like:
Ayang Manthan Fellowship is not just working with a government lower primary school in Majuli but it will give scope to a fellow to gather theoretical & practical understanding about the subject of education, education sector and development practice. The 23 months Manthan Fellowship is divided into four terms to achieve the anticipated outcomes.

1) August, 2019 to January, 2020


7 days residential induction & orientation program
School ecosystem immersion
Technical skill bootcamp
Monthly fellowship potlucks
Shadowing mentor
Weekly Learning Circles- ‘Adda’ with mentors
10 days solo trip at end of the term


History, philosophy & sociology of education
School Ecosystem- Systems, structures & processes
Introduction to social issues, understanding social justice
Foundation Science & Mathematics Module (Till class 5)
Communicative English


Budgeting & money management
Physical well being
Documentation & reporting

2) February, 2020 to July, 2020


5 days review retreat beginning of term
Lead, design and facilitate 4 weekly learning circles for fellows & Ayang Team
Design & implement 4 co-curricular events in assigned school
5 day off-grid camping and survival skills boot camp
Monthly fellowship potlucks
Summer break of 20 days


Understanding child development
Understanding pedagogy & curriculum
Assessment & activity design
Understanding indian Political Landscape & public policy
Foundation science & mathematics module (Class 6 to 8)
Communicative English


Emergency preparedness
First Aid
Conflict resolution & non-violent communication
Critical reading & writing
Presentation pitching
Public speaking
Session Planning

3) August, 2020 to January, 2021


5 day review retreat beginning of term
Lead, design and facilitate 4 learning circle sessions for new fellows
15 days exposure trip to social/development organization in NE states
Design & plan school/community initiative relating to education
Monthly fellowship potlucks
Winter break of 10 days


School review & evaluation
Understanding pedagogy & curriculum
Foundation science & mathematics module (Class 8 to 10)
Post fellowship pathways
Self directed learning module


Legal rights & responsibilities in India
Action & participatory research
Project design & management
Financial management
Resource mobilization

4) February, 2021 to July, 2021


Lead, implement & manage the change project in school/community over 18 weeks
Exit and transitioning from assigned school
Working on post fellowship pathway
Fellowship graduation retreat
Learning circle and buddy mentorship


Talent acquisition and management
Self-directed learning modules


Stress management
Interview skills
Technology for change
Fund raising
Impact evaluation

Our Address:

Ayang Trust - Near Statistics & Economics Department, Garamur, Majuli, Assam- 785104, India +91-8638990636 / +91-8638380879 [email protected]
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