Skill Building

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Our skill-building interventions amplify the local traditions in Majuli through training, technological intervention, and the creation of market linkages.

Our non-farm artisanal livelihood training includes handloom weaving and bamboo crafting alongside food processing. Additionally, we also do needs assessment and introduce livelihood training that are less prevalent in local markets in Majuli such as bakery and cafe training.

Post the training, the beneficiaries are supported to acquire loans against their skills to set up independent enterprises or they are supported with necessary machinery and raw materials to produce for the market. As in the case of Jaya Morang Payeng, a bakery trainee, she procured a loan to install a fridge in the house to sell cakes in her village.

Following the backward linkage is the forward market linkage. We support both independent entrepreneurs and home-based artisans to access markets through the Lekope Majuli Women Farmer Producer Company. Through its registered outlet in Garamur, Majuli, Lekope caters to the local population as well as the tourists who visit Majuli. As a multi-product one-stop-shop centre, exclusively managed and marketed by women artisans and farmers, Lekope caters to its customers not just through its artisans’ products but also with packaged farm products, powdered spices, pickles, mustard oil, bakery delicacies and fast food. Alongside Lekope has also welcomed customers from various Type 1 and Type 2 cities through its strong online presence on social media and e-commerce websites. Lekope members have also been attending various exhibitions in various cities across the country to expand its market.


Capacity Building: Through our capacity building training programs we integrate traditional skills with upgraded technology for efficient production of the beautiful and unique traditional designs as well as increased yield in case of agriculture. Through needs assessment we conduct specific training programs in villages across Majuli. Our skill building training includes bamboo and cane crafts, handloom weaving, bakery training, food processing and scientific farming.     

Collectivisation: Post the skill training, we collectivise the women into producer groups for efficient production, smoother aggregation, strengthened bargaining power and effective marketing. As a part of the same we have supported the formation of Lekope Majuli Women Farmer Producer Company Ltd, a company that is exclusively managed and marketed by the women producers of Majuli. 

Market Linkage: Understanding the market demand, we develop products integrating traditional designs into contemporary modern textiles thus making unique collections. We train the women artisans in making these textiles and also support them to access markets both online and offline under the brand Lekope both online and offline. Over the  years we have been able to cater to over 500 customers from various parts of the country.

Impact: We have been able to support over 4500 women to achieve various skills. Around 3500 women farmers have been supported through our scientific farming and animal husbandry programs while over a 1000 artisans, bakers and processed food producers have been supported with skill training. We have also developed 20 land leaders who have supported over 200 families to register for land rights in this flood affected island.