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Ayang — 'love' in the language of the Mising tribe — is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation in Majuli, Assam, transforming marginalized communities of North East India by creating equal opportunities through education, health-care, and livelihood. The Hummingbird School, now the heart of Ayang's initiatives, marked the beginning. The idea was to facilitate a contextual and holistic education for the children of Majuli, in close engagement with the local community. Begun in January 2017, Hummingbird soon emerged as the informal hub inspiring a social conversation seeking to address diverse developmental needs of Majuli's people. And, Ayang evolved from this shared dialogue to be registered as an NGO in November 2017.

'Love' moves every little deed of Ayang to shape the sustainable future envisioned for Majuli, and the greater North East. Initiating mediations as varied as a renewable eco-tourism project to providing exposure to sustainable menstrual hygiene in women, Ayang's human-centric approach celebrates the values of kindness, understanding, and collaboration. Ayang is powered by a team of young specialists with diverse skillsets — engineers, development professionals, educators, social workers, and theatre professionals. Ayang Trust is guided by a Local Advisory Board of eminent community members to ensure the initiative’s design remains rooted in ground realities and needs.

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Ayang Trust - Near Statistics & Economics Department, Garamur, Majuli, Assam- 785104, India +91-8638990636 / +91-8638380879 info@ayang.org.in
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