How You Can Help

1) Sponsoring one child's tuition for a year in Hummingbird School: Rs 14,400
2) Sponsoring one child's boarding for a year in Hummingbird School Hostel: Rs 30,000

If you would like to donate online click the link below:

Donations can be made through bank at:
UBI Account No: 2200010013554
GARAMUR – 785014
Kindly send details of fund transfer to Bipin Shivaji Dhane, Principal of Hummingbird School for
initiating the sponsorship process.
Email: [email protected] / Mobile: 8638990636 / WhatsApp: 8135832111
CC: [email protected] and [email protected]

Our Address:

Ayang Trust - Near Statistics & Economics Department, Garamur, Majuli, Assam- 785104, India +91-8638990636 / +91-8638380879 [email protected]
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