Profile of School

  • Classes: From LKG to Class VII Nos of students: 240 from 23 villages
  • Hostel Students: 70 students
  • Nos of Staff: 22 teaching staff, 3 non-teaching staff (80% of them are from the ‘Mising Tribe’ and others are from across India, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, etc. )
  • Tuition Fees: The fee is Rs 300, but many students are not able to pay their fees, 150 out of 250 children don’t pay fees.
  • Teacher-Student Ratio: The Hummingbird School is envisioned to be a model school and hence the number of children per class is always kept at the limit of 25. For the lower classes (LKG – Class 1) we have 2 teachers teaching 25 children, thus having a Teacher-Student ratio of around 1:12. The Teacher-Student ratio is 1:25 for higher classes (Class 2 and above).