To enable accelerated positive change in the educational landscape of Majuli, we plan to reach out to 400 (385 Government and 15 low income private) schools in the next 5 years impacting approximately 10,000 children with our whole school transformation program. We are partnering with Mantra4Change - a Bangalore based organization working on public education system, as well as Azim Premji Foundation – leaders in research on Indian Educational Landscape for knowledge and mentorship support to enable our mission efficiently and effectively.

The resource produced through our research on curriculum and pedagogy will be made available to all these schools. Regular workshops for the capacity development of the teachers from these schools formed in a volunteer teachers group will be conducted. Along with this there will be content specific, library and literacy promotion sessions done in the schools. Better learning environment, motivated school leaders, active SMC, an increase in the learning level of the children and active school library will be among the outcomes. With student we will focus on English language proficiency, science & mathematics learning, digital classrooms and library sessions with students.


Year 1, starting January 2019 will be the year of action research where we will work with 5 Government schools to set processes and structures that will define our work in the subsequent years. These 5 schools will further act as the cluster learning hub for 5 other schools in the next year and so on. In the first year, Ayang will lead the formation of a volunteer school leader cum teacher group of the 5 schools to encourage dialogue. This will enable free and open dialogue between motivated teachers about education and their work. This will be an educator led space where they discuss about their challenges and try to find a solution for it, where we will play the role of facilitators to implement these. Action research will form the basis of the year where we will continuously rework on strengthen teaching and learning practices based on results of each iteration.

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