Community Resilience


Community Resilience

MITA (Mental Illness Treatment and Awareness) Project

Mental Illness Treatment in Assam (MITA) is a collaboration project with The Ant, Chirang District. MITA aims to bring access to mental healthcare to the most underserved communities. The first camp where 21 patients turned up was on November 4, 2019. Camps are conducted on the first Sunday of every month. Currently, we have 200+ registered patients. MITA endeavors to develop a sustainable and scalable model to provide low cost but high quality, protocol based, standardized medical treatment for mentally ill patients. Further, Ayang is on a mission to build awareness about and destigmatize both chronic and acute mental health illnesses through community visits, street plays, meetings with ASHA workers and other district health workers etc.


More people in the families and villages where our patients come from understand mental illnesses objectively and this has helped combat dangerous superstitions surrounding it. Seeing patient successes, we are organically having families seek our support wherein earlier it was a hushed topic. The project is slowly aiding in destigmatizing mental illnesses in Majuli.

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