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Student Council:

All children from Class 1 upwards are part of the student council which convenes every Saturday to discuss the issues they are facing. The resolutions passed are binding to even the adults in the school.


The children started a quarterly wall magazine called the “Punsang.” The magazine contains essays, poems, and artwork designed by the students based on a unique theme selected by the students. The pieces in the Punsang are curated and edited by a student editorial team whom the teachers support.

Theater Production:

As a part of their language component, the children of class 5 work on doing a theater production. During the process children participate in a series of intensive workshops, they learn song, dance, and dialogue. Additionally children learn various other components such as working together, continuous practice, and gaining confidence. Our children have put up a production of jungle book in 2022. The next production is set to be done in January 2023 

Organic farming:

The school has an organic farm with an attached piggery, fishery, and poultry. Children in Class 3 and above work once a week on the farm and learn firsthand the life cycles and processes of nature.

Traditional Crafts – Bamboo and Weaving:

Children in Class 3 and above also are exposed to the wisdom and art of their traditional crafts. They practice weaving as well as bamboo crafts.


Our children practice and train in football in unisex teams.

Pencak Silat:

Since 2017, children have been practicing Pencak Silat, a kickboxing self-defense form. Two of our children had also won at the national level in Bhopal, Gold, and Silver respectively, and were selected to participate in an international meet in Singapore.

Ultimate Frisbee:

Partnering with the ant, Bongaigaon, 2 of our teachers are trained Ultimate Frisbee Instructors. Ultimate Frisbee is a contactless, gender-agnostic sport that fosters equality.


Pre-pandemic our Class 4 and 5 students have been practicing for over 5 months for a musical drama adaptation of the Jungle Book.

Folk arts:

Children train weekly on folk music including tabla and harmonium, and the traditional dance form – Sattriya Dance.


All children from LKG upwards have twice-a-week library hours in our well-stocked library.

Art and craft:

Children get opportunities to explore fine arts twice a week. Cultural evenings: drama, poetry, music, storytelling